CSP Solar are currently seeking the right opportunities, with PV panels and ancillary equipment approved in the planning application

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Solar Farms

CSP Solar are currently seeking the right opportunities. CSP Solar are looking ideally for flat sites with no over shadowing, access, and the national grid within 200 meters of the site boundary (to be in the ownership or control of the site owner).

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The Process:

Exclusivity period – 8 weeks

This a simple document that we encourage landowners to sign, to provide both parties with the comfort that there is a common commitment to work together harmoniously.  During this period CSP Solar Ltd will undertake due diligence to establish planning parameters and DNO connection.

Option Agreement

After rigorous assessment, if gaining planning consent and DNO appear viable, we will then look to enter into an option agreement for 2 years. This is not an indication as to how long the site will take to be developed, more a safe period of time to protect our investment while we are trying to secure planning consent. Generally solar farm planning applications cost are in excess of £100,000, dependent on acreage.


Prior to submitting a planning application a conditional lease will be signed between CSP Solar and the landowner.

The Timescale:

We would anticipate entering into an option agreement within the 8 week exclusivity agreement with a view to submitting a planning application within 2-3 months.  Once the planning application is registered, there will be a typical 8 to 12 week determination period.

Following the expiry of the judicial review period CSP Solar Ltd can commence construction and dependent on acreage this might take 16 weeks from start to finishing. Construction will then be carried out in conjunction with our specialist contractors.

Detailed Planning

The planning application process is a staged one. Initial site analysis takes the form of a Planning Synopsis, where the sites’ chances of success evaluated and considered against existing policy and constraints.

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Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011). If necessary, the project is then formally ‘Screened’ and ‘Scoped’ by the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

If the LPA decide the development would not require an Environmental Statement (ES) (this I established in their adopted Screening Opinion), preparation and progression towards the submission of a planning application can commence. The Screening Opinion timeline from submission to adoption is 3 weeks.

If the LPA reply stating the development would require an ES, a formal Scoping Opinion is submitted, which will outline what is proposed to be contained within the ES (this will need to accompany and support the planning application).

At this point consultation is undertaken by us in accordance with the Localism Act 2011.

On receipt of the adopted Scoping Opinion from the LPA, the requisite consultants are commissioned with reports produced forming part of the ES.

On completion of all the requisite forms and reports the planning application (and if necessary the ES) are submitted to, and validated by, the LPA.

If the planning application doesn’t require an ES, the timeline is 13 weeks for a decision to be issued. If the planning application does require an ES, the timeline is 16 weeks for a recommendation. This is then put to the Secretary of State (SoS) who can the either agree or Call In the application. In the case of ground mounted PV projects, the likelihood of the SoS calling in an application for determination is almost negligible.

On receipt of planning permission, any ‘prior to commencement’ planning conditions are addressed and ‘signed off’ by the LPA (with the issue of a formal Compliance with Condition notice.

On receipt of final documentation, the project can commence, with DNO offer, to disposal.


The technical specification of PV panels and ancillary equipment will accord with the dimensions approved in the planning application. Construction of a 10MW project, from commencement to connection, will take approximately 3 months.

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